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Our clients are, and always will be, our top priority. Our mission is to enhance customer experience and guide our clients efficiently throughout their journey with Bloomreach.

See our clients’ testimonials.

“ePace has helped us tame the wild beast called Exponea (later Bloomreach) – from implementing the entire solution to planning and setting up detailed campaigns and scenarios.

I was particularly impressed by the strategic overlap, business insight and meticulous execution. We’d probably fall flat on our faces if we tried to implement Exponea without their assistance. It’s not a tool that can be easily handled in-house, unless you have a robust custom CRM team. This allowed us to take our CRM and targeted automated communication to a higher level, I’d say well above the previous standard.”

  • 150% increase in turnover
  • Saving time
Milan Duda
Marketing Director

“I know Jaroslav Novák from our time together at Wunderman (now Wunderman Thompson). We both believe in marketing automation. If I were bolder, I’d start an agency like ePace myself.

Automation is definitely one of the most promising trends in marketing, whether it’s optimising and targeting media budgets, or more importantly, communicating with existing customers through their own channels such as web or email. Automation scenarios simply cannot be controlled manually – customer selection, message personalisation, communication timing. The big challenge of automation is to reconcile marketing, technology and data. Without ePace’s consultancy services, we would certainly not be able to get the most out of automation at Blue Style. A big thanks to Jaroslav and his team.”

Vladimír Rejlek
Chief Digital Office
Blue Style

“The analysis of our existing communication and the personalisation design for selected automated customer scenarios proved invaluable and gave us a fresh perspective on our communication.

We see a high added value in such an approach to the customer, especially with regard to our specific target group. What I particularly appreciate about ePace at this stage is the ability to empathise with the customer’s needs and focus on adding value for the HUDYsport customers quickly.”

Radek Kronika
Chief Marketing Officer

“Working with ePace has opened our eyes and taught us to systematically pursue even the smallest sales prospects.

Looking back, I wish we had recognised sooner the opportunities we were overlooking. The project was clearly focused and delivered results very quickly.”

Lenka Hořáková
Marketing Manager
Nano Energies

“Working with Jaroslav and his team was pure joy. It was a synthesis of years of marketing experience, client-focused enthusiasm and empathy, spiced with just the right amount of insight and humour.
I highly recommend partnering with ePace not only to other marketers, but to anyone who actually values the somewhat hackneyed principle of ‘client first’.”

Prokop Holeček
Segment Marketing Manager
NN Investment Partners C.R.

“Transitioning to a new marketing platform with minimal disruption to your ongoing campaigns is always a challenge. Thanks to Jaroslav and his team, we managed this seamlessly.
Throughout our collaboration, we’ve observed that the name Jaroslav chose for his company is truly fitting – high pace is in their DNA. But there’s more! ePace also helped us discover new ways to use data and showed us how to automate long-term campaigns. Our discussions were really energising and provided a fresh perspective. Are you looking for enthusiastic professionals? Try ePace!”

Jiří Beneda, Team Leader, Operations & Campaign ManagementO2 Media

“We’ve been using Exponea for many years in our publishing house, but never to its full potential. Thanks to ePace, we’re gradually changing this, and I can highly recommend working with Jaroslav and his team.”

Ondřej Peroutka
Acquisition Manager

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