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Outsourcing CDP <br> specialists

Outsourcing CDP

Get a Bloomreach (Exponea) expert on your team fast. For four months or for a year. Our certified specialists will be there in no time, quickly adapting to your processes and requirements.

  • Fast onboarding
  • Face to face or remotely
CDP technical <br/> support

CDP technical

Streamline your Bloomreach (formerly Exponea) experience. Reach out to our dedicated experts for solutions tailored to your needs. No more wasted time and effort.

  • Easy queries
  • Responses within hours or even minutes, depending on the SLA
CDP Optimisation

CDP Optimisation

Is your e-commerce business not growing as fast as you would like? Let our project team accelerate your marketing performance and enhance your customer experience.

  • 14 roles in one place
  • Rapid ROI and customer experience growth
CDP interim manager

CDP interim manager

Our interim manager will guide you through the implementation and ensure that everyone in the organisation understands the platform’s significance.

  • Experienced managers
  • Preparing for cross-departmental implementation

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