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Before Starting Your CDP Implementation

Are you looking for the best data platform, but don’t know how to make the right decision? Let us make your choice easier. We will prepare a thorough analysis of your business model and guide you through the key factors to consider both in terms of suppliers and your in-house team. The Customer Data Platform always permeates the entire business, as does the customer experience.

300% return <br> on investment

300% return
on investment

Within 9 months, you will have tripled your investment.

1 to 3 <br> months

1 to 3

You’ll set the pace of our collaboration.

Leadership <br> cooperation


You’ll know for sure whether Bloomreach is right for you.

Minimise risks and costs

The CDP introduction is relatively quick. But the decision will affect your business for several years to come. Our analysis will provide a strong foundation for your decision. It will help you clarify your expectations from the platform and prepare your team for the implementation. 

Why leave the CDP check-list analysis to us

Rational approach

Rational approach

We measure everything we do. We are constantly looking for the best ways to drive productivity and efficiency.

Three worlds in one

Three worlds in one

We always think in terms of marketing, IT and business as a whole. Success is only possible if all three work together.



Customer experience is our speciality and we’re continuously developing our expertise.



Experience our lightning-fast implementation. After all, pace is in our name.

Brands we’ve already helped decide

“ePace has helped us tame the wild beast called Exponea (later Bloomreach) – from implementing the entire solution to planning and setting up detailed campaigns and scenarios.

I was particularly impressed by the strategic overlap, business insight and meticulous execution. We’d probably fall flat on our faces if we tried to implement Exponea without their assistance. It’s not a tool that can be easily handled in-house, unless you have a robust custom CRM team. This allowed us to take our CRM and targeted automated communication to a higher level, I’d say well above the previous standard.”

Milan Duda, Marketing DirectorCZC.cz

“The analysis of our existing communication and the personalisation design for selected automated customer scenarios proved invaluable and gave us a fresh perspective on our communication.

We see a high added value in such an approach to the customer, especially with regard to our specific target group. What I particularly appreciate about ePace at this stage is the ability to empathise with the customer’s needs and focus on adding value for the HUDYsport customers quickly.”

Radek Kronika, Chief Marketing OfficerHUDYsport

“I met Jaroslav Novák and Martina Vojtěchová by chance through my friend Vojta Vecán, an architect. And as is often the case in life, the best comes when you least expect it!

I finally feel like our marketing is working in line with our expectations. They always take a holistic approach and focus on the bigger picture. I was impressed already by their first presentation – an analysis of our company, and forward to working with them and enhancing our company’s growth, visibility, awareness and personalised communication with our customers. It’s a challenge to do things differently and do them right. That has basically been my personal credo in business for the last 26 years. Choosing the right professionals for the journey, however, is everything. Let everyone do what they’re good at and things will start to fall into place.”

Michaela Vlčková, FounderLa Marque

With ePace you also get

Business analysis

Business analysis

We will determine your marketing, IT and business needs.
We will examine how the implementation will affect the organisation’s processes.

Analysis and use of digital marketing tools

Analysis and use of digital marketing tools

We will map the applications used.
We will then review the data sources, IT architecture and availability.

Desk research

Desk research

We will review the status and further possibilities of vendor marketing.
We will map B2B and B2C client segments in detail and offer a fresh perspective from the outside.

Roadmap implementation

Roadmap implementation

We will describe the integration and implementation process in detail.
We will estimate the schedule, costs and resources required.

Recommendations for selecting a CDP

Recommendations for selecting a CDP

We will make suggestions as to how the tool should be scalable in the future
and prepare criteria for selecting the most suitable CDP (RFP, pitch deck).

What we address in the analysis

When we first look at CDP implementation and business analysis, we always touch on the following topics. We will be happy to explain everything and prepare a suitable option for you.

Internal company needs

We will gather information on expectations for the CDP across the company and then evaluate it to identify potential benefits. Clients who are clear about their needs are up to 5 times faster in using new technologies.

Key/affected processes

We will set up Bloomreach to work smoothly with your processes without disruption.

IT environment

IT is one of the key factors contributing to company success. We will therefore also cooperate with IT departments to clarify what Bloomreach implementation brings and how much capacity it can save.

Data sources / architecture / availabilitypnost

You won’t get very far without data, but you surely don’t have to feed all of it into the CDP. We identify key data sources and propose a way to import the data. This speeds up the subsequent integration by up to 10 times.

Mapping the applications you use

We will work with you to identify key business applications and systems, and check that they will all be needed after the CDP is implemented.

GDPR & Consent Management

We will prepare a methodology for effective consent management and GDPR, including data sources, structure, consent type, etc. This is a key task for the data platform.

Online/offline business

We will identify potential intersections and synergies between online and offline sales and connect your customer journey in both worlds.

Vendor marketing

If you work directly with goods manufacturers/distributors, we will show you the potential of the data platform in monetisation.

B2C v. B2B

Before implementing your CDP, you need to understand how you want to serve the B2C and B2B customer segments. Most platforms are B2C focused, but at ePace we know how to effectively incorporate B2B cases as well.

Internal team resources

The acquisition of CDP is a big change for the whole company. We will help you and the whole team prepare for the transformation and identify the aspects that will change and make their work more interesting and meaningful.

Costs and resources

Allocating the resources for the license is one thing, effectively implementing it is another matter altogether. We can also help prepare your internal resources and capacity for the implementation.

Turn your data into ultimate customer experiences

Take the first step towards better leveraging your customer data today. Leave us your contact information, and we’ll reach out to you within two business days.


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